Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

Can one have a relationship with money? That seems like a funny question to ask. Of course you can't have a relationship with money. Or can you? Well I was taught something new from Kirk Duncan about money. I tried something that might sound a little weird but it has made a big difference in how money comes into my life. 
In the past I always used to say that when ever I get caught up something happens and I get knocked behind. Also used to say I never have enough money and I would even say I guess I just was not meant to have a lot of money. To want money is not a bad thing. I was always told that people that have money are never happy and money does not grow on trees. 
Well I need to say this' " Money is made out of paper and cotton and both of those things grow." So I guess money does grow on trees and bushes. Wouldn't that be cool if you could plant a money tree and a few bushes in your yard? We I learned how to do it and I have been astonished on how much money has gone through my account in the month of September. 
It all started when Kirk told me that I need to start talking to my money. Sounds weird I know but it works. For example I took a 100 and I looked at the face on the front and said " hi Ben my name is William and I want you to be my friend. I promise you that I will respect you, take care of you and make sure you don't get abused. I really want you to invite your friends over to spend time with me and we will build our network of friends and we will get together often."
Sounds like I have lost my mind does't it? Well After I did this I was driving into the Home Depot parking lot and I saw what look like money on the ground so I stopped to take a look and would you believe it was a 5 dollar bill. Well I did what any other person would do to a friend that was left alone on the ground. I pick Lincoln up and said hi Abe I am sorry that your last friend did not care about you and just left you in the parking to be ran over and left to perish. Abe I can promise you this, I will never let you down if you become my friend in fact Ben is with me and he loves to have company just like I do. 
Then I had a break through and I realized that I need to talk about money differently just like Kirk said. So now I tell myself money does grow on trees, money is always in abundance, money is good to have,  money loves to be around me and people like to give me money. 
No that can't make a difference!!! Well my friends I am here to tell you it does. We need money to survive in this world and how can someone have a greater influence on others if they do not have it? Well how do I get it? First change the way you think about money and then ask God how you can receive more of it and if it is OK to do it. He wants us to have it so we can share it with others by teaching them how to be fishermen instead of just feeding them. 
There is a governing principle that is connected with money. And that principle is sure and unchangeable. First you must not be afraid to ask for it and you must act on the ideas that you are given. So in other words faith first and work after. One cannot receive a blessing unless they follow the law that governs the blessing.
 If one does not believe this statement then it might be time for some introspection. God can not give you anything unless you are true to what you have been commanded to do to receive that thing. When he speaks he can not go against it he is bound by his own words. That gives me great hope because I will always know where to look for direction because the destination will never change. If the direction did change he would be a God of confusion. 
All things are governed by the same principle and law. EVEN MONEY!!! Change your relationship with it, keep track of it, spend it wisely and believe that there is enough out there to come into your life as well. I am not being vain and I am not loving money more than God. Money is a tool and so is a power saw. And the same law governs the power saw as does money. That is, if you don't learn how to use  it,  it will either cut your fingers off or it will not work properly and the end result will be less than desirable. 
This month I have been able to give work to more people than I ever thought possible and the byproduct of that work was money. Many families blessed because someone is getting closer to understanding the principle that governs money and using it to bless the lives of others. I still have many things to learn and dial in when it comes to money and I will do what the old saying says "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step". 

Thank you for reading 

William Henderson 

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