Monday, September 12, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

Do You ever find that your schedule is always being changed because you don't want to let anyone down? Or Maybe you don't want to let go of any work because you are afraid that it will dry up? Do you ever find that you are being late to appointment more then ever? 

Well Dave Blanchard CEO or the Og group said " I will command and obey my command". Or in other words set goals and stick to the goals that he sets. Or set a schedule and be willing to say I am booked up until next week and ask would you like me to put you in for an open day next week? Any reasonable person will respect a schedule because they will benefit more if they have your undivided attention.  

This is a very hard thing when one is in survival mode. I would take on everything and I found that I did not get very much done. I wanted to do all the work and get all the pay. Finally after about a year of doing this I burnt out and wanted to go back to work and punch a clock again. A good friend of mine told me I need to upgrade my problems. I thought what the heck does he mean. Why would I want harder problems? Well he told me that you can't do it all and I needed hire subcontractors to do the work. Wow but if I hire the subcontractor I will not get all the money. Guess what? I started to make more money. 

Weird, what the heck happened?  Upgrading my problems is what happened. Instead of having the problems of worrying about getting everything done I started worrying about if the guys or gale I hired were doing the job right or showing up on time with the right attitudes and equipment. What a change this is to the way I used to see things. Well now I spend 2 hours at a job site instead of all day and more work gets done. What the heck? How did I not see that I am of more value if I am out drumming up work, making phone calls and building relationships. 

With this being said I cant help but think about Og Mandino's prayer in the greatest sales man in the world. He wrote:
 Assign me tasks to which others have failed; yet guide me to puck the seed of success from their failures. Confront me with fears that will temper my spirit; yet endow me with courage to laugh at my misgivings. This is such a great and scary thing to ask for. Hard tasks and fears that will temper my spirit. You have got to be out of your mind to ask for this stuff.  Well call me CRAZY!!!

Thank you for reading and please post if you feel the need. 

William Henderson     

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