Monday, September 19, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

So I was just chatting with my friend, Jeremy, about the paths we take in life. I asked what path he wanted to go down. His response? "Success Blvd. Heard of it? You have to go down a ways on Self Development Ave. and hang a right on Confidence Drive. Watch out for Doubt Lane and Distraction Court though. If you turn on either of those, you'll get lost. Oh, and make sure you watch out for the crazies trying to run you off of the road."

There are many paths to follow, which one would you like to go down? Would you like to be on the path that leads to Success Blvd.?

Jeremy owns and operates a website design company. Do you think there is any competition in his world? You better believe it, and "if you were to stack the failures one on top of another they would cast their shadow on the pyramids of the world." But Jeremy gets up every morning and continues to work toward his goals in spite of the negative comments that ring in his head and the grueling competition that fillet people wide open. At the end of his analogy, Jeremy said, "I think I'm probably on Confidence Drive, but my car keeps breaking down. I am a bit short on cash to get it fixed."

That, my friend, is because you need to change your relationship with cash. We chatted a while longer, and by the end, he saw money in a whole different light. I'll save that biscuit for a future post.

Be willing to make changes in life no matter how much it stings. We are here in this life to do hard things and reap the benefits of trying and trying and trying again.

Thank you for reading

William Henderson

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