Thursday, September 15, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

I will persist until I succeed. I will strike my blade against the mighty oak and the first strike will not even put a tremor in the wood, but if I continue to strike,  the might oak must succumb to the blows and fall. This is a principle that governs the universe. Faith that you can do and doing until your faith is made whole. I will fight until the day the that I die. Bring me closer to the goal God and hide not my eyes for the prize at the end of the journey. Isn't this life all about persisting until you reach the end in mind?

I say fight fight fight! There is a battle that will crush many raging in the minds and hearts of men. Fight through them and never give up for the prize of success is greater then fine gold. Like the runner that makes the decision to run the marathon, the big battle is in the mind and if they cannot over come the mind they will not succeed.

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William Henderson      

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