Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

Don't forget to stop and take a look around at the things that are important. 

About two days ago my wife helped me realize that I am always in work mode and I am never really home. It made me realize that I have been missing some really important opportunities to connect with my family. Tonight I went to my daughters music recital at her school and I realized that I have a very talented girl living under the same roof as I do. Crazy where did she come from? Did I miss something while I was stuck at work 24 hours a day? 
I was not at work tonight I was at the recital ( Truly at the recital). I had so much fun and I got to see who she really is. She was the most beautiful talented girl I have ever seen and I could not help but smile bigger then I have ever smiled in my whole life. I felt so connected to her and my love for her increased 100 times. 

Do you ever get so caught up in providing for your family that you miss all the good stuff? Do you ever come home so tired that you just don't want to participate in the family day to day stuff? If you don't think there is any good stuff going on, stop for a few minutes and watch closely. You will be surprised what you see. I have got so caught up in the thick of thin things that I have missed the small stuff that passes by in the blink of an eye. Now I don't want to blink because I am afraid to miss something. 

So how do I break free form this cycle that so easily over takes me? Like Steven Covey said do the first things first. 
1. Recognizing that this is a problem is the first step to breaking free. Kirk Duncan calls it the Wall. 
2. Now that I know this is a problem I need to be checking in with myself every-once in  a while. James Allen wrote: Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself. He also fashions the tools with which he builds for himself heavenly mansions of joy and strength and peace. 
So if this is true then I can build the relationship with my family that I have always wanted or I can really destroy my family with weapons I forge. 

What kind of weapons do I Forge that will destroy my family? 
Weapon 1: Do I really listen to my wife or children or am I always thinking about work? 
Weapon 2: When I see the negative in a family member do I point it out? 
Weapon 3: Do I see a messy room or undone chores as bothersome? 
Weapon 4: Am I so caught up in needing to be right that I will make someone feel small to show that I am right? 

What tools can I fashion to shield my family from these weapons? 
Tool 1: Steven Covey wrote that we need to seek first to understand and then be understood. He also said that understanding to the soul is what air is to the body. Are you really truly listening? 

Tool 2: Og Mandino wrote that are love can soften the hardest hearts like the sun who's ray soften the coldest clay. Point out what you love about your family members as much as you can everyday and they will become what you see.

Tool 3: Again Steven Covey said 1+1= more then two. Synergy Find the messy room as an opportunity to be with your child and work together towards a common goal. Then they will trust that when they get stuck or behind they and rely on you to help then find the way. 

Tool 4: David Blanchard one of my super hero's "said just let it go, do not tare someone down in the name of being right JUST LET IT GO". It is OK for someone to have a different truth then we do. Truth is perception and perception is King of all. Just love people for who they really are children of God. 

I am a work in progress and these are some of the things that I have learned while I have been on this earth. And I have learned them because I have been willing to look inside myself and be OK with the flaws that I have found. These flaws give me something to work on with my Higher Power. He knows the answers so I want him to be my 1+1= more then 2 (Synergy to the 10th power).   

I hope you enjoyed this blog please comment. 

William Henderson  


Monday, December 5, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

Do you want to move yourself or you family up to the next level? Have you ever felt that it is impossible to do so?
 Well I learned something really cool today that just might help you. Kirk Duncan for 3 Key Elements said we need to take the negative statements we hear and write them down. Then take them and write the opposite of them. For example, have you ever told yourself that you are you are stupid? Write on a piece of paper that you are smart. Then use these opposites to right your positive declarations for your family and your self. 

Tonight as a family we put together the Henderson Family Declaration statement. We declared to the opposition that we think only good things about each other and where we stand. Just as the this nation declared where it stands through its Declaration of Independence. We the people of the Henderson Family declare who we are and where we stand.   

Do you have a Declaration statement for you self and your family? If you don't, get one,  if you have problems putting one together call me and I can teach your family how to put one together for a small fee. 

Thank you for reading. 

William Henderson