Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Biscuit of the Day

Are you sick of  your wallet being empty? Does it seem that you can never get caught up or get some money saved? How does this make you feel? Have you spent a lot of time thinking about how tight things are or how you will make ends meet this month? There are a lot of people in this situation right now and I really believe there is a way out. I was reading in a book this morning and I came to a really cool realization.

If I am so worried about money all the time it will produce nothing. It is so easy to get carried away in the worry mentality  when there is not enough. I remember God saying don't you know that I know you need these things? God is aware of our needs but are we aware of what God needs us to do? Seek not for riches but for wisdom, and behold , the mysteries of God will be unfolded unto you. So can we seek wisdom with our minds clouded with all kinds of worries? I believe that we can not as worry forts us at every turn. Show me how to find wisdom? That is the best question to ask God. For people are asking for it now more than ever. Have you ever heard yourself say i am so sick of struggling? Or I wish I could just have a better life. If that is not a cry for wisdom than what is it?

Let us think for minutes about where money comes from. The last I looked it come from the Reserves to the banks and from the banks to the companies and from the companies to the wallets of the people. So where is the majority of the money? It is in the hands of the people. Not saying that it stays there all the time for most, but the people have control of the money. Some have more control and some have less control. 
So how do I get to control more money? Let us go back a little. Seek wisdom and you shall receive riches. Right now more then ever people want wisdom but they know not where to find it. I am not talking about wisdom we find at school but the kind of wisdom that only come through inspiration and experience. Kind of sounds like the majority of the people are stuck in the worry mind set. And believe me it takes one to know one.  

How can I serve the people is the question I will ask myself. God please send me people I can serve and I promise when they come I will serve them. I will seek wisdom and knowledge and I will be ready to serve the people. The more people I serve the more people I come in contact with that have control over a small part of the money. Money is a byproduct and it comes from serving others. Focus on the people and their needs. Find away to teach them how to break free from the worry mentality and money will come into your life. With that money that comes into your life you can build something larger that will reach more people. It is a cycle.

God does not want his people to be broke and worried all the time. God wants them to experience joy. Men are that they might have joy. MIGHT is the key word so some action is required.. And Christ showed us the way. He spent his entire life in ACTION through servicing others and in the pursuit of wisdom. And his joy was made full. We can seek this joy through the service of others and we can experience wealth by teaching other how to break free from the worries the bind them. It starts in our own homes. Men serve you wife and Women serve your husband.  By teaching others we in return learn more. And when we learn more we have more to teach. God needs a wealthy people to go out and teach. Without wealth how can we go everywhere to teach. It is so much harder to influence more people to break free with out wealth. If you don't have it start by clearing out your mind so you can receive inspiration.  So get out of your head and choose today to live in the present where joy can only be experienced. Joy is not something that can be experienced unless we are present to experience it. 

I learned some really great stuff on how to get out of that place and into the here and now by attending a class recently.  It is called  Master of Influence, 3 days of training and an incredible teacher at the helm of the class. So much info that it was hard to take it all in so I attended it more than once. There are great resources out there that help people to learn how to break free. For example 7 Habits of Highly Effective People had to be inspired by God, that kind of training does not come out of nowhere. The Six Advisers inspired, The Mind of Steal inspired, The Greatest Salesmen inspired and Master of Influence inspired. These training's are from people that have went through so much pondering, focusing and seeking to receive inspiration. By their fruits you shall know them. 

Breaking  free does not only mean money issues it also means relationship issues and so much more. Learn from the good books is what the Bible says. there are so many bad books and teachings out there. Tap into the network of inspiration and also create some of  your own.  I loved what I learned so much at the Master of Influence that I joined the team I am now spreading the word. I can not stay quiet because I made a promise to share.  Freedom starts from within and if I want things to change I must change and if I want things to get better I must get better (learned from Master of Influence). I have made huge changes from within myself by finding inspiration in many different places.


William Henderson