Saturday, September 10, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

Imagine for a moment a block of wood. Not anything special just an ordinary Block of wood. But then the master comes and sees the potential of this little piece of wood. So he takes it and starts to chip at it and carve on it and sand it and polish it. Then it becomes a fine work of art. Once a block of wood and now a beautiful bowl ready to receive the things that it was designed to receive.
Now let us liken this to a spirit that was sent down to earth to be tried and tested. 
Are we able to receive without the work of the master’s hand?  
There are many things in life that chip, carve, sand and polish us. Once we have been harrowed out we have the ability to receive abundantly from our Savior. A block of wood cannot partake of the things that a wood bowl can just as an unsorrowed soul cannot partake of true joy. 
Hope you Enjoyed
William Henderson    

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