Sunday, September 18, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

Why does there have to be trials before you reach your goals? I s there some force trying to keep you from reaching your goals? Do you think that the opposition can see that we are about to be blessed?  It sounds like this is the case because when we are in action and we are exercising our faith to receive the blessing that is when the doubt comes. Do you think for a second that God would fill you mind full of doubt? Do you think for a second that you would fill your own mind full of doubt? Not at all we are the authors of our own success and we would not fill are own minds with doubt because that would pull the carpet out from under us. And God wants us to be happy thus we read men are that they might have joy. We were sent here to have joy.

I have read that we need to be still and know that he is God. What does it mean to be still and know? Is there some instruction in this statement? Is he telling us to clear out the doubt and have faith? I know for a fact that we miss out on a lot because of doubt. We were not born in doubt or fear we were born in love and we are the byproduct of success. Men are that they might have joy. Key word is Might. What does it take to have joy? Well for me it come when I am creating things.  I know I have been sent to this planet to experience great joy. Have no fear, be as the parable of the talents and be the servant that gets praise from the master for getting out and using what he was given  and hide it not not under a rock out of fear that you will lose it.

There is four steps to receiving a blessing.

1. Ask if you can have it.
2. If the answer is yes thank him as if you had it.
3. Put together a plan to achieve the goal
4. Have faith and take a little step everyday to get closer to your goal.

Thank you for reading

William Henderson

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