Sunday, September 25, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

When I was 18 I worked for a company call Rayco environmental. There we drilled methane wells in land fills at 32 inches in diameter and 100 feet deep. Well one day Rayco was short one of the dump truck operators so they put me through a 10 minute crash course on how to drive a  10,000 pound dump truck. Well that was fine, I took on the challenge and in 30 minutes I was on the 5 freeway fully loaded heading for one of the largest land fills I had ever seen. To say the least I was up tight and the trip seemed to take for ever. Well to my surprise I made it to the land fill and back with no bumps and bruises.
So I was sent for a second and third and even  a forth trip to the land fill with no hiccups. Well the fifth time came and I was feeling really sure about myself. Down the 5 freeway I went feeling like a tough heavy equipment operator until I started up the long steep hill leading to the top of the land fill. The dump truck seamed to be a little less powerful as I headed up the hill this time and when I reach the half way point the truck just quit dead in its tracks. That might not seam like to much to handle for an experienced operator like my self but I had only five trips under my belt so I was a little shy in the experience department. Well I set the emergency brake and let off the foot break and the truck started to roll back wards. You have got to be kidding me I though to myself why is the emergency break not stopping this truck? 
To add insult to injury this old dump dump truck had air assist brakes and when the motor was not running it was extremely difficult to hold that loaded hunk of junk from rolling  backwards out of control and to my death. I remember using every ounce of strength I could muster to hold that loaded truck from rolling. After about 10 minutes little beads of sweat began to roll down my face and my legs started to shake uncontrollably. At that time I heard a voice say hows it going? I looked to my left and there was a man staring at me through my open window. I told him I was in trouble and I needed help. He said just let it roll back to the open space about a hundred yards back.
I so wanted this guy to jump into the truck a rescue me from this death defying stunt I was participating in. But he did exactly opposite he said you will be OK just let off the breaks easy and roll it back really slow. Easier said than done I thought to myself because in a dump truck you have to back up by looking into the mirrors only and there was no power steering or breaks. Well I said a prayer and let off the breaks really slow and began my descent. It seemed like it took for ever but finally I made it to the pull out. 
 I am so glad that man did not just have me move over and take control of my truck. He did not know but he help me step up and take the action necessary to save myself. One might think what does this have to do with the Biscuit of the Day but I would have to tell you it has everything to do with it.
Always remember that when you feel that there is no way out of a scary situation there is someone that is always mindful of what is going on in your life. Ask for help and it will come. It just might not come in the form of a miracle it might come in the form of a person giving you encouragement or a thought of what to do next.    That day my character was fired a little in the furnace of adversity and I never thought for a second that It would make me a better person latter on  life. I now understand that we are going to face scary things a lot in life but we do not have to give up and let it destroy us.
Seek guidance have faith that the answer will come, then when it does take action. Do as Og Mandino said in the greatest sales man in the world. Charge in spite of the sting of the blade or in other words don't give up because it hurts a little or that it is too scary to face. Grab life by the scruff of the neck,  give it a slap and hold on. Giving up is not an option any more for this man. I choose to ride the roller coaster of uncertainty.  
I hope you enjoyed 

William Henderson            

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