Monday, October 3, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

How hard is it to teach a old dog new tricks? Have you ever tried to teach yourself something new? Or have you ever tried to get into a new set of habits? Why is it so easy to start bad habits and so hard to start new ones? Why is it that the human race for the most part so willing to take the easy road instead of the hard one?  I there a force that draws us to the things that we naturally desire?
Teaching a dog new tricks is possible if you find what motivates the dog. This same thing is true when it comes to people. If you were offered  $100,000 to stop one of your bad habits for a year how easy would it be to roll up your sleeves and start day one? Really easy I would hope. Why is good habits not rewarded instantly? For example if you don't smoke you live longer if you smoke your life is shortened. This is the law that governs all laws in the universe and that is says that for every action there will be a reaction or some may call it a a consequence. 
Take eating for an example. If you eat bad things while you are young it seems that it does not effect you very much. But in time things start to catch up to you and you gain weight and you get weaker and before you know it you have gone to pot. 
Becoming unhealthy happens one small step at a time and one small choice at a time. Just as becoming healthy  one good decision after another will get one to that desired destination. Bad habit comes so slowly that we don't even realize it has us until one day BAM!!!! we are over whelmed because in order to come back  we will have have to take all those steps again all the way back to where we began. Someone once said the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The end of the journey only comes to those that are willing to take ever step necessary to reach the thousand mile mark. And being in a place you don't want to be took every step necessary to reach the place where you don't want to be. So be careful because the thousand mile marker might be at a destination you would never in a million years choose to travel to. 
But if you end up a thousand miles away from where you want to be that is not the end there is hope. Make the decision to get back on track and take the first step and please do not quite. Push through the pain the suffering and the heart ache because the reward is great at the end of the journey. 

Thank you for reading 

William Henderson   

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