Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Biscuit of The Day

I Caught my self judging someone today and I stopped myself right in the middle of it. A friend of mine told me last week that he tries to learn something from everyone he comes in contact with. He is a very successful business owner that pays about 4 times more in taxes than I make in a year. Is there a connection here?   

I have learned that relationships lead to money and money is a relationship. Judging someone has nerve built a very good relationship. There is a cycle that Kirk Duncan taught me last weekend and it is called the give and receive cycle. In order to get more one needs to learn how to receive more.  So does this mean I need to swallow my Pride and say thank you to compliments and gracefully except gifts? I used to dismiss compliments by saying well I do my best or it was alright. Receiving a compliment is excepting  service from the one that gives the compliment. Let them serve you and it will bless their life. My mother told me one day that I was a blessing thief because I did not except help from others. She said that being served is just as important as serving. For those that follow Christ he said to his apostles that if they did not let him wash their feet they did not have anything to do with him. 

Pretty eye opening for me, it makes me want to find people that want to serve me. Might sound selfish but if you are looking for that guess what happens? You will also find people to serve. Tomorrow take the time to recognize the person at the store that is checking you out by telling them how great of a job they are doing and thank them for serving you. Do this everywhere you go and you will be astounded on the transformation in you own heart. Dave Blanchard said always leave people better then you found them and you will become what Og Mandino said A MAN AMONG MEN. 

I hope you enjoyed

William Henderson     

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