Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Biscuit of The Day

Did you know that a very large ship is benefited very much by a small helm in the time of a storm by being kept work ways with the winds and the waves? Imagine for a minute being out to sea with only water all around in a storm. All that can be seen is large waves crashing and thrashing. The first thing that I would want to do is get out of the storm and try to find calm water with some sunshine and comfort. This seems like the right thing to do to a person that does not know how to sail. But to an experience sailor it could be a death sentence. Facing the winds and the waves is the best option during a storm. Turning the ship right into the waves, facing the wind and fighting through the storm is always the best option. Turning away from the waves and wind is like turning your back and running from the monster that will most likely eat you.

Did you know that a person can be benefited very much by a small derision in the time of adversity by keeping them self  work ways against the winds of doubt and the waves of fear? Imagine for a minute being out in the world and all you can see is doubt and fear all around you. All that can be seen is people getting laid off, foreclosures on houses and sadness to spare. If that happened to me the first things I would want to do is cover my head with my blanket and pretend it is not happening. This seams like the right thing to do to a person that does not know how to go through life and live to tell the tail. But to an experienced adversity survivor it is a death sentence. Not death of the body but death of the spirit and mind. Facing adversity is the best option and hiding under the blanket or in my mind will get me eaten every time, if not in this life the life to come.

The statement " The life to come" reminds me of the parable of the three talents when the Lord of the vineyard said to the servant that did nothing with the talents " thou slothful servant" and cast him out of the vineyard. Adversity can be paralyzing believe me I know because when I got laid off from my job I made $235.00 dollars my first month of being self employed. How can you feed a family of six on $235.00 a month? Boy did I want to run away and hide under the covers or find a secure job. Was there fear and doubt? You better believe it. But the fear and doubt were not real, they are just figment of my imagination or just feelings and emotions. I now have learned that facing fear and doubt is what I want to do all the days of my life or what a Prophet once said "deep water is what I want to swim in". Deep water with multiple levels of learning ready for the taking. Waiting for the one that is willing to push past the shaking experienced right before the speed of sound is broken. On the other side where things can be seen more clearly and the storms are more technical.

A Friend of mine once told me no problems just solutions. I hope this blog will help someone and if it is common knowledge please send it around so it can help someone.  I know God will deliver me if I face him without doubt and fear. The storms in life are the very thing that draw us closer to him.

Thank you for reading.

William Henderson  

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