Monday, February 6, 2012

Biscuit of The Day

Got into some deep thought about the negative and positive charges tonight. When one drags their feet across the carpet does their body take on a charge? Then when one comes in contact with the opposite charge does that energy get transferred? Is this transfer a balancing act?
Maybe I am going out on a limb here but when a person's positive energy gets to low do they naturally seek a transfer to balance out? Is this why so many are seeking a pick up by using energy drinks, drugs and all kinds of stimulants that are ready for our use at every street corner?
All these things work but they are not a long  lived sources of energy. I found a stimulant that has ignited my energy levels. The stimulant I speak of is service. I have found that when I forget about myself and serve others my energy levels increases. I find more passion and more energy in service then any other stimulant I have ever partaken of. And believe me I have tried a lot of them. My energy level increases when I am teaching others. Is this a transfer of energy? When my charge gets high (new things learned) I have the desire to teach what I have learned (transfer of energy by teaching).
The more I think of this kind of stuff the more I realize that I as a person am governed under the same laws and principles as the elements of the earth. It really makes sense to me after I read Genesis 2:7 I was created from the dust of the ground. So that means I am under the same governing principles as the very ground I stand on. So do I have to adhere to the same laws the earth does when it comes to energy? What happens when I do not transfer the energy I receive and hog it for my self? I become depressed . Oh don't worry William we have a drug to take care of that also. Learn and share or receive and give. Is that what will snap me out of this sleep that so easily besets me?

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William Henderson

William Henderson  

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  1. My spirit has God's light in it however that light is deminished by acts played out by my body which is a natural enemy of God. My spirit is always trying to win the battle but I allow my natural man to take over. My spirit has no need of energy drinks nor does my body if I invite my spirit to lead. You are so right, we have an endless source of positive energy within us however; we can either tap into it (spiritual light) or give the body a temperal fix with a Monster Drink, which will leave us empty at the end of the day. I need to let my spirit provide me eternal energy by living lfe as God's spiritual child not as earths body. Service has endless ripples of good.