Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Biscuit of The Day

I got the opportunity to listen to a coaching call with Dave Blanchard of the Og Mandino Group. What a perfect way to end the night.

Imagine for a minute that you have a big block of clay in your hands. This is the clay you have been given from God when you came to this earth. A lot of time I find myself looking at others clay and wanting to have theirs instead of mine. Have you ever looked at someone that is successful and thought to your self, wow I wish I had their money a family like theirs and the recognition they have? I have done this more than I feel comfortable to admit. 
Some of us are losing site of what we have been given because our focus is not on the clay we are holding in our hands. Its no wonder we are not receiving more from our Higher Power. I know there is times in my life where I have wondered why can't I just have a little bit of a break for this boring mundane life I have been living. Dave said that we need to find joy in the journey. This life will have joy and its inseparable partner sorrow. The tough thing to handle is the joy during the sorrow part. It is always easy to look back on the sorrow and be grateful for what it has taught you. 
How do I find joy in the journey when I am  going through the rocky shores of life? How can I find joy when I am up to my neck in the muck? Have you ever had so much despair you can't even focus on the small things around you let alone finding joy in the journey? 
First things first. What is causing the despair? I truly know that God does not give out despair. So lets think about who is the giver of despair. The giver of despair operates in a low energy field. So If I where to raise my energy level would that disconnect him from my mind? Yes it will. Here are a few things that can help one raise their energy level. 
1. Stop Drinking sodas. The sugar will make you crash
2. Stop eating Fast Food? Processed foods are poison. ( the proof of that is FAT AMERICA)
3. Start eating fresh food as much as possible and drink plenty of water. I truly believe that most disease is preventable. Life style is the cause for the majority of health problems.
4 Exercise. Scream at a tree, walk, ride a bike, roller blade, hike, run, lift weights just move your body. When you come home from a hard day, overcome the desire to plop down on the couch and watch the TV. Take the kids out side and find joy in the journey. 
5. Everything positive comes form God. And everything negative comes from the opposing force. So with that being said, kick out the negative thoughts from your mind it does not belong. Would you put pornography into you mind? No! And you should not let negative thoughts in either. When a negative thought comes kick it out by saying that is not from God not going there today. Use High energy to remove it.    

The Clay we have been given is so much easier to manipulate when we clear our minds and live in the present. If you are having trouble being present focus vividly on everything around you and it will pull you out of your mind. Look at the of the sky and wonder why it is so blue. Focus on the lines in the road look and the numbers on a licence plate driving by. Also look at the people around you and focus on them and how you can help them and then you will be pulled into the here and now. Nothing can be accomplished unless you are present.

Thank You for reading

William Henderson
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  1. Love, love love this!!! What a great post you have written. It is all so true. Bobbi Jo

    1. Thank you for responding. I just recorded a CD it will be put into production in a few weeks. It was recorded in my truck while I was riding with Kirk Duncan from 3 key Elements. Have you ever seen someone riding down the road having a conversation with a friend and wondered What are they talking about. Well you can be a fly on the wall on this one. I will be starting to do training's here soon and motivational speaking to groups. If you hear of anyone that wants a key note speaker I am all over it. Thank you again for replying I hope this is helping people.

      William Henderson