Friday, August 31, 2012

Biscuit of the Day

I went to a training last night with Amy Walker with 3 Key Elements. What a cool training, it opened up my eyes to some new things! This picture above is from the notes that I took. This is the cycle that everyone goes through. We first have a thought that may be positive or negative. Then we feel an emotion from that thought. Then we take action because of the emotion we feel. Last but not least we get a result that leads to a thought and the cycle starts all over again.

Is there away to stop the cycle while it is in progress? Try this out for size! I look at my bank account and I notice that it is really low. Right at that point after I freak out, I need to take a time out and think of a better thought. For example say to myself out loud I know my bank account is low and I always have enough and more. The brain will make comments telling you that this statement is not true but we are thought evolved beings that can fire our old negative thoughts and hire new ones. When you hear a negative thought yell at it and say "you are fired"! And hire new thoughts to take place of those old evil self deprecating thoughts. 

I hope this helps you the way it helps me. 

Thank you 

William Henderson  

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